We offer training and tuition to help you or a member of your team use Photoshop so that you can create and edit images and graphics on your website and social media account. With a fantastic assortment of artistic tools, effects and filters, Photoshop is a great platform to create professional and visually stunning graphics in easy and quick ways.

If you are new to Photoshop this course could be great for you as we can guide you through fast-track and easy ways that you can pick up quickly.

What can our course help you with? Creating stunning graphics, images and logos for your websites, newsletters and social media accounts.

Some Photoshop areas we can help with:

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Menu and navigation in Photoshop
  • Understanding image sizes and ratios
  • Understanding pixels and relating them to your content
  • Importing images
  • Adding text etc to images and design
  • Creating photo montages and composite images
  • Using layers and filters
  • Structuring and formatting
  • Create black and white, colour images and colour effects
  • Creating uniform templates and image dimensions
  • Creating different image sized and thumbnails
  • Creating banners for slideshows and galleries
  • Creating a logo for your business
  • File formats and colour modes for different uses
  • Using toolboxes, palettes & zooming
  • Adding a watermark or stamp to an image
  • Using rulers, guides & grids
  • Using history to edit or delete an effect
  • Understanding canvas size and image size
  • Transforming, rotating, flipping images etc
  • Sharpening images
  • Cropping images
  • Managing and organising layers
  • Creating shapes
  • Using opacity
  • Linking layers, flattening images and locking

Please note – this is a beginner course to help with website and campaign designs and is not suitable for in depth photoshop training or graphic designers.

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