Would you like to use the Sensei plugin to build courses within your website?

We provide training solutions and can teach you the way around building and integrating your online courses and learning systems with ease.

Sensei is a plugin designed for WordPress and works seamlessly with WooCommerce for online course payments and fee options to be handled in one place.

What is Sensei?

Sensei offers a fantastic learning management system (LMS) for creating, building, writing and fully integrating lessons and online courses within your website.

This plugin allows for a variety of fantastic learning platform functionality including multiple choice options, true/false, fill in the gap, multiple and single line quiz sections, essay areas and more.

Options of automatic (using true or false) or manual (instructor logs in to mark answers) results can be selected to provide grades on courses of tests as well as progress trackers so that users or learners can follow their progress within the course.

Sensei is a great plugin as it works with any theme and offers layout customisation options. Options such as pre-requisites to take a course can also be put in place within Sensei providing great flexibility.

A few areas we can help with Sensei:

  • Installation & intro to Sensei
  • Setup & payment integration e.g. Woocommere setup
  • Sell online courses
  • Create courses for in-house use
  • Add quizzes with simple or complex fields
  • Combination questions
  • True or False options
  • Multiple choice & short answers
  • Fill in the gaps
  • Essay fields
  • Extensions available for creating certificates
  • Variety of designs for courses
  • Write lessons for each course
  • Add information of lesson lengths, complexity etc for students
  • Integrate & embed videos into lessons
  • Set required pass percentages
  • Save your quiz progress to finish at a later date
  • Set-up prerequisites for courses and lessons so students complete in correct order
  • See course analytics; who has registered, overviews, grades etc.
  • Create a questions bank; display random selection of questions from your bank to learners taking quiz
  • Easy content creation – create courses, write lessons, quiz & test
  • Setup quick user registration

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