Do you already have or would you like to use the Canvas Theme for your website?

Are you looking for a fantastic, flexible, mobile friendly and easy to use WordPress Theme for your website?

We’d love to help you build a beautiful website and offer training courses for the Canvas theme by WooThemes using WordPress.

Although you may have used alternative themes in the past, it’s true to say that every theme on WordPress has it’s own control and options panel and operates in their own unique ways. We can help you get to grips with the correct ways to build your website with Canvas.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a WordPress theme that has been developed by WooThemes. It enables you to modify design elements, layout, typography etc through an easy to use options panel. As the name suggests it is highly customisable and literally gives you a blank canvas to work from.

A few areas we can help on with Canvas:

  • Introduction & installation of Canvas
  • Configuration of Canvas theme
  • Layout: we can teach you how to easily choose the layout of your website, create sidebars, change the website display width etc.
  • Page templates: we can show you how to create page templates for elements such as sliders, blogs, pages, archives, sitemaps, magazine layouts etc.
  • How to create a responsive design website using Canvas
  • How to maintain and update your theme for security and high performance
  • Going through the setting options; how to use and implement
  • How to design headers, create navigation bars, menu names, change fonts, logos, layouts, colour schemes etc.
  • How to position your logo
  • How to create widgets and style them
  • How to connect to social media
  • Adding a contact form & additional forms
  • Column layout & page templates
  • Adding & implementing sliders to the home page and specific pages
  • Featured sliders on blogs
  • Adding widgets to pages for extra functionality

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