Intermediate WordPress Course

This intermediate WordPress course is for those who already have some basic experience with WordPress or another similar website builder and wish to take their understanding and website to the next level. This course is not for experts or advanced techniques i.e. css etc. but aims to re-cap and expand on what has been covered on the beginner course.

Suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to build a new website using WordPress, or learn how to update, manage or improve your existing one.

For those with some experience

We recommend having some previous experience using a web builder or our if you are new to this our Beginner Course prior to this.

  • Time 10am – 5pm
  • Please note that you will need to bring a laptop (PC or Mac).
  • Some previous experience is recommended.
  • All attendees will receive an easy to understand course guide electronically in pdf format.
  • Suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to build a new website using wordpress, or learn how to update, manage or improve your existing one.

Course highlights…

  • Two experienced & friendly trainers
  • Free website hosting for 1 year
  • Domain name registration for 1 year
  • Or a test site for you to work on and keep
  • Setup of your site before the course so you’re ready to go
  • An easy to understand course guide to take home

› Introduction/Re-cap

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Understand WordPress basics
  • Selecting/registering a domain name.
  • Hosting for your website
  • Installation and Setup of WordPress
  • Understanding the Admin Bar, Admin Panel,
  • Understanding Settings and Basic Configuration
  • Understand how to login/out of your site safely.
  • Adding and managing users/roles to your site. 
  • Creating a Google friendly Site Title and tagline for SEO
  • Allowing/dis-allowing indexing for Google rankings.
  • Setting Permalink formats for your site for Google/SEO.
  • How to make your WordPress website mobile friendly/responsive design

› Creating and adding posts, pages, images, videos & maps

  • How to manage content using WordPress
  • How to create new pages using WordPress
  • How to create new blog posts using WordPress
  • How to create internal & external links in pages/posts
  • How to add & format images in your media library
  • How to add/embed videos from Youtube
  • How to add images & videos to pages/posts
  • How to create & manage image galleries
  • How to create slideshows & image captions
  • How to optimise your images for Google/SEO
  • How to add categories & tags to blog posts
  • How to create a tree structure for pages (parent and child pages)
  • Creating varied page templates & layouts for pages.
  • How to add maps to a contact page

› Menus and navigation

  • How to create main menus
  • How to create dropdown menu items
  • How to create secondary menus
  • How to rename your menu items
  • How to add pages to your menu
  • How to remove items from your menu
  • How to create a static front page (home page)
  • How to create a blog feed within your website.
  • How to create external link menu items
  • How to create categories as menu items
  • How to create footer menus

› Widgets

  • How to add a widget in the sidebar
  • How to add custom menu widgets
  • How to arrange or remove widgets
  • How to add rich text formatting text widgets
  • How to add images, videos etc to widget areas
  • How to display/hide widgets on certain pages
  • How to add widgets to footer, pages and blog areas
  • How to add forms, plugins & functionality in widget/sidebar areas

› Social Media, Sitemaps, SEO & Google Analytics

  • How to add social media accounts to your website
  • How visitors can share your content/website on their social media
  • How to create search engine/Google friendly XML sitemaps
  • How to add a twitter feed to your website
  • Installing and how to use Search Engine Optimisation plugin
  • How to apply effective SEO to your website; pages, posts & images. For Advanced SEO course click here.
  • How to track your website statistics using Google Analytics for traffic statistics, visitors and site statistics.

› Plugins

  • How to install plugins automatically
  • How to upload and install plugins manually
  • How to update, manage and delete plugins
  • How to search for and add plugins
  • How to select safe plugins for your site
  • How to find premium plugins and install them
  • Installation and setup of the best plugins to get you started

› Themes

  • How to install free WordPress Themes easily
  • How to install premium and purchased WordPress Themes manually
  • How to keep themes updated

› Mailchimp, sign ups, custom forms & Paypal

  • How to create a contact form in WordPress
  • How to customise your contact form
  • How to create custom forms
  • How to add a subscription form/opt-in box to gather leads and visitor information using mailchimp
  • How to take paypal payments

› Comments/spam

  • How to automatically approve comments
  • How to manually moderate comments
  • How to turn off, edit or delete comments.
  • How to control spam comments
  • How to protect your WordPress website from spammers

› Security & Backups

  • How to make sure your WordPress website is secure
  • How to back up your WordPress website

› Design

  • How to add a colour scheme to your website
  • How to add a logo/branding
  • Easy ideas & ways to design and layout your website for user friendly and marketing purposes
  • Tips on what works & will work for/against you on your website
  • Create your basic layout – home, about, contact, blog, services, testimonials pages.

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